BDSM and Where To Start


Hello kinksters!


Let’s talk about something every good BDSM relationship should include, and everyone who plays together should discuss – limits. Limits are basically what you are and are not comfortable with doing. They can be further split up into soft limits and hard limits. Soft limits are things that you’re not sure about, or don’t want to explore yet, or perhaps you will only explore with a partner you truly trust rather than a first time play partner. Hard limits are things that you absolutely will not do. These limits should always be respected.


While it can be hard to talk about, it is important to discuss these things in any relationship, but even more so in a kink relationship or even just with someone you intend to play with for one night. The nature of a kinky scene is to push boundaries and do things that are a little unorthodox compared to regular hook ups or relationships. If you are involving power play, many times the submissive or bottom won’t be able to discuss these limits during the play either, which is another good reason to make your partner aware of them before play. For those who have experienced trauma or abuse, or who have PTSD for any reason, limits can include trigger – things that could send them into a panic attack or anxiety attack.


You set your own limits, but to help you start thinking of your own limits, here are some examples: loud noises, yelling, someone being angry at you, anal, having a sexual organ pressed against you, sexual things in general, bondage, confinement, strangling or choking, knife play, needles or medical play, urine or scat play, degradation, branding or marking.


As you can see, limits will be different for everyone depending on their likes and life experiences. Some people will want their soft limits to be explored and pushed, while others will want them to remain as discussion topics only until it is decided they are ready to explore that limit.


These limits aren’t set in stone. As you change and grow, and have different experiences, even hard limits an change. You might decide after a few years of play, that something isn’t so scary anymore. Or your health might change, and make something possible that wasn’t before, or make it dangerous where it never used to be.


You can use a checklist to go through you limits with a potential partner, which can be very handy, as there are so many things to think of! Talking about your limits can also give you ideas for new things to try too! Perhaps you’ve never heard of hair pulling, but once you talk about it, you want to give it a go? Great! Let your partner know. It’s all about communication. Be open and honest with your partner about your limits, and you will both enjoy your play more, and feel a lot safer! This will also deepen your trust with them.


Not sure where to start? Try this checklist:


Stay Safe, Sane and Consensual kinksters! Until next time!


Xx Kaylo



Hello kinksters!


Today we’ll be talking about various kinds of gags. The main reason you might use a gag is to keep your “victim” or submissive quiet! Especially useful if you just bought a Satisfyer Pro 2 – those crazy toys are sure to make any lady scream! Or perhaps you have a particularly stingy crop or paddle to use on them…. Ouch! Ring gags can be used to hold the mouth open for inserting fingers, or feeding them interesting things. Some are used for roleplay, such as bit-gags which are used in pony play. Gags are also a means of domination and control, and can be used as a punishment or degradation play – particularly as many gags will cause the wearer to drool uncontrollably. They can be used to increase the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability in a scene, or they could act as an anxiety reducer in the case of those who like to chew them (or lick in the case of gobstopper ball gags).


If you’re not sure if gagging is for you, you can start by just using wadded cloth.

Safety warning here: make sure it doesn’t press too far back and go down the throat. Never leave someone who is gagged unattended, and have a quick way to remove any gag on hand in case of choking. Make sure you set up an alternative to the Safe Word as you won’t be able to use it when gagged! Dropping a held item, honking a  horn or squeezing a hand 3 times are examples.


If you want to upgrade from basic cloth gags and get yourself a proper ball gag, it’s best to start with either a soft squishable ball or a ball with breathing holes in it.  You want it to fill the mouth but be fairly small to start off.

In terms of ring gags, there are a range of sizes available, and some that come with a set of interchangeable rings so you can work your way up in sizes. Again, start with a small size and work your way up.


Bit gags, generally for pony play or just to get a feeling of animal instinct or primal play, are often bought for their looks. The bit size will differ between types but not by as much as with ball gags. Pick one that matches the style of play you like, making sure it is in a comfortable size range. If you’re not into the drool side of gag play, a bit gag is the way to go, as you’ll get less drool wit these types.


I recommend starting off with short time frames. Going too fast too soon could lead to excessive jaw pain, panic or overstimulation of the gag reflex.


That’s the basic sorts covered, but if you’re ready to upgrade, you may want to look at getting a funnel gag (force the wearer to drink something), inflatable gags (usually penis shaped or butterfly shaped – meant to make the wearer feel filled or degraded), or attachment gags (with attachments like drink holders or dusters – designed for degradation and service slaves).


That’s a whole big world of gags! So whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by the choices or wanting to explore them all, you can come in and ask us at Totally Adult what it’s all about! We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction!


Until next time kinksters!


Xx Kaylo

Movie Time!!!


I’ve tried and tried to get into internet porn. But I just can’t. I know I know, I keep hearing from my guy friends “but it’s free”. It also only last like 2 minutes! I’m done. I can’t stand another failed attempt at finding a full length porno that has hot lead… uhm… actresses??

If you haven’t already, watch Pirates and Pirates 2. They are the best pornography films I’ve ever seen. Caution, does contain nuts!

But if you were after a good lesbian porn film, check out their generous “girl on girl” section in the DVD room. They have a great variety of different things you’ll love, I recommend The Girlfriends Films. They also have a really good exchange program at Totally Adult worth taking advantage of, I feel like its 2009 again renting movies. It’s great, it also gives me a reason to check out and learn about all the new things in store.


With love, Blossom

Chastity Cages & Belts

Hey Kinksters!

We’re touching on a more hardcore topic today. Ever heard of chastity cages or belts? Maybe you think they were just an ancient medieval device used to prevent a pretty maiden or princess from losing her virginity before marriage? Well I’m here today to tell you that they can be so much more!


Chastity belts and cages are wonderful power play toys! Usually a master or mistress will strap their submissive or slave into a chastity belt to prevent them from masturbating or getting any kind of pleasure. This is usually used as a punishment, but can also be used as a way to build the submissives desire until the Master or Mistress chooses to release it! Many will allow the submissive to go to the toilet while wearing them, meaning they can be worn for days before release. They usually have a lockable section to slip your own padlock into, and prevent them being opened before you decide to let them! This can be an excellent way to add spice to dominance play!


At Totally Adult we stock the sturdy metal kinds of chastity devices, with different sizes and patterns to suit your requirements. Come in and take a look today, and start your journey into orgasm denial!

Xx Kaylo

Love In Leather


Hi Kinksters,

This week I just want to introduce you to some products from Love in Leather. This is an excellent quality brand with real leather products. Using leather can create an excellent Pavlovian reaction, as they have a distinctive smell. What this means is when you pull out the leather, it will be associated with a kinky session, and soon the smell of leather will cause you and your partner to feel frisky!!

Love in Leather WHI001 crop
This crop is designed beautifully with an easy to hold handle. It has a good bend to it, without being flimsy, meaning maximum sting with minimal effort! The end is made of real leather, so it is sure to stand up to the punishment! 😉

Love in Leather SHA006 spreader bar
This company makes only top quality products – the metal is strong and the cuffs are real leather! Use this bar to spread your partners arms or legs apart – or why not buy 2 and do both! For best effect with arms, try tying the bar up to the ceiling and hoisting their arms up high so they can’t run away! Then get a paddle and go to work! They’re not going anywhere!!

Make sure you buy some silicone lubricant or leather cleaner to keep it conditioned, and a foaming toy cleanser to clean your products after use.

Xx Kaylo

Stimulating Stimulants


Totally Adult have a fair range of stimulants that I would recommend you try. The girls there once asked me if I had tried any clitoral gels before, my answer was a very confused “no?”. They added it on to the ritualistic pile of treasure chest must haves, & I went home to try it with my Satisfyer, like they suggested. & oh my goodness. I was hooked, has it always been this good? Am I just really in the mood tonight? WHO CARES. What ever this is, it’s working.
The next week I was running low on the little gel they gave me so I went back & stocked up on different gels.

Oral Delight




Another product worth mentioning is the Gold Max Pink, I went to the Caloundra Totally Adult before heading home with my friend with benefits after a ritualistic ice cream & movie. It was after finding a dual bullet set to buy for each other that we decided to try the Gold Max Pink pills together too, it’s a herbal Viagra for women. I had told her about the gels & the lady working there suggested we try the 2 pack gold max too. We had a crazy night together; I highly recommend doing this with your partner.

With love, Blossom

Strap it on


Being a single lesbian with a slight thing for straight girls can be difficult. They almost immediately expect you to pull out a strap on or at least some type of toy… I missed that opportunity once, but never again. You see I was hesitant at first to use a strap on. I had just completely come out of the closet and I was happy enough without toys. I honestly found it somewhat offensive when asked. Now I look back and I was certainly missing out. Strap ons are great fun! They’re not just for the receiver either. I love the ones that vibrate, and work both ways stimulating both parties. Fetish Fantasy have a great range of strap ons – I’m kinda in love with their Vibrating Double Delight. Don’t worry about sizing – the straps will fit a huge range of sizes! You have to try the gorgeous lacy harnesses from Sportsheets too – they are beautifully designed for luxurious comfort.

The strapless ones are great too. Strapless strap ons? You better believe it. You best invest in one if you don’t have one already. Sure your regular strap on works well enough, but why not get one that vibrates and physically stimulates you as well? Strapless strap ones also give you the feeling that it really is an extension of yourself, making for some great role play opportunities, and letting you tap into your imagination to create a memory that will be on replay for days…

With love, Blossom

The Satisfyer has got me beyond satisfied…


Have you got a Satisfyer yet? From the bottom of my heart, for the love of your clitoris, get one. It is the perfect tool to kick your socks off with. Whether by yourself, on the bed, in the bath, with a partner, there is a good reason why all the girls at Totally Adult are concerned if you are a woman and don’t have one & I’m so grateful they talked me into buying it. NO RAGRETS. (Misspelling intended)

I have both of them. My favourite? Ugh I hate that question, to be honest, when I bought the Deluxe, I was convinced that I was going to give my Pro 2 to my best friend (cleaned properly & thoroughly of course!! These beauties can be sterilized!) However, I can’t let go of it! It’s an absolute weapon! They both are! I can’t get past the first setting on the pro and I can’t get past the third setting on the deluxe. It’s completely different to anything else I’ve ever used, & I can’t get enough of it. Oh, and under water? It’s a whole new level of orgasm!!

Better orgasms are just the beginning…

If you are going to use this toy, remember to stimulate other bits and pieces! Use strap ons, dildos, anal beads, vibrating butt plugs, nipple clamps, the whole works! You’ll thank me later!

Don’t forget to use it with a partner!!

If you stimulate clitorally with a Satisfyer, then continue to stimulate her vaginally and anally, she is pretty much guaranteed to have a full pelvic floor orgasm. If you let her take control of the Satisfyer and can manage to stimulate her vagina, anus, nipples, arms, legs, & wherever else you can think of, you can aim for the stars and give her a full body orgasm!

Take it all nice and slow though, as I said before, the Satisfyer is a weapon and I doubt you’ll be able to last very long once you start!

With love, Blossom

Let’s talk about Female Ejaculation (squirting)


So we’ve all heard about squirting/female ejaculation. Correct? But have we actually witnessed this? I know some women have, I know some women haven’t. And I also know that you are all wondering if it is possible, and how you can achieve this. Well today I am going to teach you that female ejaculation is very much possible, and can be achieved by us all.

So what is Female Ejaculation?

Female ejaculation is a gush of fluid that expels from the vagina during orgasm, which is different to the standard lubrication that occurs from sexual arousal and activity.

Some women may only do this once in a lifetime, other woman may be able to achieve this every time they orgasm. And some women can teach them selves how to be able to ‘squirt’

Female Ejaculate is NOT urine. Although many women experience a similar sensation to ‘needing to pee’.

The volume of fluid that is released can vary between a very small amount, which may even be unnoticeable to enough to saturate your sheets, your mattress, and your lover. This means that many women may of experienced this previously and not of even noticed.

Most women experience this gush of fluid from G-spot stimulation, resulting in a G-spot orgasm. However there are a percentage of women which will experience this from clitoral orgasms. All women are different, so it is important not to compare yourself to another woman’s experience.

Now I’m sure you’re all thinking, how can I do this?

The best way to achieve this is to be familiar with your own body. Attempt this yourself, or to communicate openly and comfortably with your partner before attempting this together.

Now first of all, the more aroused you are the better. So LOTS of foreplay is essential. I suggest around 30 to 40 minutes of foreplay.

Be comfortable in your surroundings, with yourself and with your partner. Lay down some towels if you are concerned about making a mess.

I would suggest going to the bathroom before hand, so that you are not uncomfortable with the idea of pushing with your pelvic muscles.

Now the best way to practice this is lying on your back, with your knees up and your legs open wide. You can either do this yourself or with a partner. Start by inserting 1 finger,. Use your middle finger and have your palm facing upward. Start making a ‘come hither’ motion with your finger and play around with the G-spot. Keep moving around until you find the spot that feels best for you. If your partner is doing this, then communicate with them, telling them where to move.

Once you start to relax insert another 1 to 2 fingers and continue with the come hither motion. You will feel that your vagina walls swelling. This is GOOD.

You can also try using toys, such as the Pretty Love –Len rechargeable G-spot vibrator, or the Adam & Eve G-Gasm Delight. Or my personal favorite that I recommend for squirt training is the NU Sensuelle G – this actually has a massaging pearl tip which simulates the come hither motion.

I would also recommend trying an arousal product such as the System Jo Gspot tingling gel. This will help to circulate the blood flow to the tissue making it more sensitive and easily aroused. This can get applied to the G-spot directly and can also be used on your clitoris.

Continue with your come hither motions and stroking of the G-spot. Once your orgasm starts to build, you will feel a pressure or a similar sensation of wanting to pee. Do not fight this sensation. Let this feeling build, and relax and enjoy it.

Do not clench your muscles. Relax them and exhale while releasing your muscles.

When you climax, LET GO and PUSH. Do not fight it and do not hold back.

Now you may not release a huge gush of fluid the first time you attempt this. You may need to try this couple of times. You may release a small amount at first. Do not give up.

Stick with this and you will be flooding your bedroom in no time.

Never under estimate the magic of foreplay


If you haven’t already stocked up on Dona by Jo, do it now.
The whole range is infused with aphrodisiac and pheromones. They have everything from linen spray to body topping. They are absolute must haves in the treasure chest.

I’m in love with the chocolate mousse massage candle and massage oil. If you add that to a massage with your loved one I guarantee you will have one of the most beautiful, sensual experiences of your life. The pheromones and aphrodisiacs in the oils really do ignite something within; I found my senses heightened within a minute of using these products. I recommend them to everyone. My favourite is the chocolate, but they have a variety of different flavours and scents, naturally. My friend can’t get enough of the “Blushing Berry” flavour.

Oh, and the body toppings, my goodness!! My favourites are Lollipop and Maple Sugar, you only need the tiniest bit, trust me on that, I almost drowned the first time I used the Lollipop topping, I got a little too excited because it tastes too good!! Remember to try before you buy though honey, that’s probably the best part about going in store, is they let you try products, WITH IN REASON, of course.

Another great body topping is the Jo lubricant – I’ve taste tested every single one of the lubricants and body toppings on display at Totally Adult, but Jo’s new desert range take over the lot of them by a mile. Salted Caramel, Mint Chocolate, Hazelnut Espresso, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE?? I don’t even like Hazelnuts and I can’t get enough of it!

The wicked range is awesome as well, their regular Aqua lubricant is amazing, so are their flavours, but like I said before, Jo has taken over my taste buds & has me craving more of that desert, for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Now if you’re the opposite of me and don’t have a total sweet tooth, you’re in luck, Totally Adult also stock a big range of fruity goodness. The watermelon is my favourite; it really does taste like the real deal. They even have Black & Red Liquorice flavoured lubricant for any of you liquorice lovers. (EW!)

With love, Blossom