Chastity Cages & Belts

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We’re touching on a more hardcore topic today. Ever heard of chastity cages or belts? Maybe you think they were just an ancient medieval device used to prevent a pretty maiden or princess from losing her virginity before marriage? Well I’m here today to tell you that they can be so much more!


Chastity belts and cages are wonderful power play toys! Usually a master or mistress will strap their submissive or slave into a chastity belt to prevent them from masturbating or getting any kind of pleasure. This is usually used as a punishment, but can also be used as a way to build the submissives desire until the Master or Mistress chooses to release it! Many will allow the submissive to go to the toilet while wearing them, meaning they can be worn for days before release. They usually have a lockable section to slip your own padlock into, and prevent them being opened before you decide to let them! This can be an excellent way to add spice to dominance play!


At Totally Adult we stock the sturdy metal kinds of chastity devices, with different sizes and patterns to suit your requirements. Come in and take a look today, and start your journey into orgasm denial!

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