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Today we’ll be talking about various kinds of gags. The main reason you might use a gag is to keep your “victim” or submissive quiet! Especially useful if you just bought a Satisfyer Pro 2 – those crazy toys are sure to make any lady scream! Or perhaps you have a particularly stingy crop or paddle to use on them…. Ouch! Ring gags can be used to hold the mouth open for inserting fingers, or feeding them interesting things. Some are used for roleplay, such as bit-gags which are used in pony play. Gags are also a means of domination and control, and can be used as a punishment or degradation play – particularly as many gags will cause the wearer to drool uncontrollably. They can be used to increase the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability in a scene, or they could act as an anxiety reducer in the case of those who like to chew them (or lick in the case of gobstopper ball gags).


If you’re not sure if gagging is for you, you can start by just using wadded cloth.

Safety warning here: make sure it doesn’t press too far back and go down the throat. Never leave someone who is gagged unattended, and have a quick way to remove any gag on hand in case of choking. Make sure you set up an alternative to the Safe Word as you won’t be able to use it when gagged! Dropping a held item, honking a  horn or squeezing a hand 3 times are examples.


If you want to upgrade from basic cloth gags and get yourself a proper ball gag, it’s best to start with either a soft squishable ball or a ball with breathing holes in it.  You want it to fill the mouth but be fairly small to start off.

In terms of ring gags, there are a range of sizes available, and some that come with a set of interchangeable rings so you can work your way up in sizes. Again, start with a small size and work your way up.


Bit gags, generally for pony play or just to get a feeling of animal instinct or primal play, are often bought for their looks. The bit size will differ between types but not by as much as with ball gags. Pick one that matches the style of play you like, making sure it is in a comfortable size range. If you’re not into the drool side of gag play, a bit gag is the way to go, as you’ll get less drool wit these types.


I recommend starting off with short time frames. Going too fast too soon could lead to excessive jaw pain, panic or overstimulation of the gag reflex.


That’s the basic sorts covered, but if you’re ready to upgrade, you may want to look at getting a funnel gag (force the wearer to drink something), inflatable gags (usually penis shaped or butterfly shaped – meant to make the wearer feel filled or degraded), or attachment gags (with attachments like drink holders or dusters – designed for degradation and service slaves).


That’s a whole big world of gags! So whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by the choices or wanting to explore them all, you can come in and ask us at Totally Adult what it’s all about! We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction!


Until next time kinksters!


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