Movie Time!!!


I’ve tried and tried to get into internet porn. But I just can’t. I know I know, I keep hearing from my guy friends “but it’s free”. It also only last like 2 minutes! I’m done. I can’t stand another failed attempt at finding a full length porno that has hot lead… uhm… actresses??

If you haven’t already, watch Pirates and Pirates 2. They are the best pornography films I’ve ever seen. Caution, does contain nuts!

But if you were after a good lesbian porn film, check out their generous “girl on girl” section in the DVD room. They have a great variety of different things you’ll love, I recommend The Girlfriends Films. They also have a really good exchange program at Totally Adult worth taking advantage of, I feel like its 2009 again renting movies. It’s great, it also gives me a reason to check out and learn about all the new things in store.


With love, Blossom

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