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“My Pleasurer” Love Machine


The “My Pleasurer” Love Machine comes complete with:

  • E-Z on/off attachments
  • Silicone body vibrator
  • Multi-speed thrusting action controller
  • Silicone thrusting anal stimulator
  • TPR realistic thrusting dong
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Your “My Pleasurer” Love Machine operates very smoothly and quietly. The inner structure of this machine is made with precision engineering to enable you to concentrate on your desires and pleasures. This is the only machine that is easily used in both a vertical position and a range of horizontal positions. Also, it is easy to disassemble and store. The my pleasure love machine has an extremely durable construction of corrosion-resistant steel covered with a powder coated surface for further protection to last indefinitely in all conditions. Includes full color instruction manual. Runs on 220 to 240V.


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